Dress Code Changes

Tuesday 24 September 2013

In an endeavour to address the concerns of both the participants and the Stewards in respect to the Dress Code, a review of the policy was undertaken and an amended policy was developed and has now been approved.

The policy is effective from the commencement of daylight saving on 6 October 2013.   The meeting at Launceston on Monday night 7 October 2013 will be the first meeting at which the policy will come into operation.

Apart from being simplified in many areas, the main changes to the policy are:

  • The requirement to wear black clothing all year round
  • The option of whether or not to wear wet weather gear
  • The option to wear the Club’s wet weather gear or provide one’s own

The following is a summary of the main components of the amended policy:


  • All clothing must, in the opinion of the Stewards, be acceptable and be neat and clean and tidy and appropriately worn.
  • Persons must, in the opinion of the Stewards, be neatly groomed.
  • No article is to be carried (e.g. handbag, radio, etc)
  • The Dress Code policy applies to both men and women.

Persons Parading Greyhounds (races except Non-Betting races)

  • Trousers/Slacks – Full length black trousers/slacks or jeans must be worn.
  • Shirts/Blouses – Shirts/blouses with long or short sleeves (not sleeveless) must be black with a fold-down collar.
  • Outer Garments – The wearing of an outer garment is optional.  Outer garments (vests, jumpers, cardigans and light waist length jackets) must be black in colour.
  • Footwear – Black or dark tan flat soled or low heeled and closed toe shoes must be worn and appropriately fastened.
  • Headwear – Headwear of a quality and style which in the opinion of the Stewards is acceptable may be worn.

Wet Weather Gear

  • The wearing of wet weather gear is optional.
  • Wet weather gear shall be made available by the Club for all handlers at the request of the handler.
  • Participants may provide their own wet weather gear which in the opinion of the Stewards is acceptable provided it is black in colour.
  • The wet weather gear provided by the Clubs shall be maintained in accordance with the Handlers Protective Clothing Policy.

Click here to view a copy of The Dress Code Policy.