Amendment to Australian Rules of Racing effective 1 October 2013

Monday 30 September 2013


A.      Addition of New Rule 8(z)

Please insert the following:

“(z) Notwithstanding anything contained within these Rules, and not in limitation of any power conferred by these Rules, where a person has been charged with a breach of these Rules (or a local rule of a Principal Racing Authority) or a person has been charged with the commission of an indictable criminal offence, the Stewards pursuant to the authority delegated by the Principal Racing Authority, if of the opinion that the continued participation of that person in racing might pose an unacceptable risk to, prejudice or undermine the image, interests or integrity of racing, may:

(a) suspend any licence, registration, right, or privilege granted under these Rules to that person;

(b) prevent any horse owned (or part-owned) or leased by that person from participating in any race or official trial;

(c) order that any registration of the transfer of ownership and/or training of a horse related to that person not be effected;

(d) make any other direction or order related to the person which is in the interests of racing,

pending the hearing and determination of the charge under these Rules, the relevant local rule or the relevant criminal charge.”

Date of Effect:           1st October 2013