2014 Bullock Consulting Youngblood Participants Selected

Tuesday 29 April 2014

Media Release 24 April 2014

TASRACING has selected the 10 participants for the 2014 Bullock Consulting Youngbloods.

The series, for young drivers under the age of 23 at the start of the 2013/14 racing season, will be conducted at Hobart on 4 May, Devonport on 5 May and Launceston on 11 May.

The series will comprise six heats with 10 starters and an emergency.

The drivers selected are Alex Ashwood, Nicholas Brockman, Duncan Dornauf, Dylan Ford, Taylor Ford (Emergency), Samantha Freeman, Lyarna Graham, Braden Howlett, Justin Howlett, Matthew Howlett and Brady Woods.

They are the top five drivers from last season’s and the top five from the current season’s Tasmanian junior drivers premiership.

Rotated barrier draws, similar to the system used for the Australasian Young Drivers Championship, will apply for the first five heats with a random barrier draw for the sixth.

Tasracing chief executive officer Eliot Forbes said the Bullock Consulting Youngbloods was the annual highlight for young drivers in Tasmania.

“Tasmania has a long history of producing quality young drivers,” he said.  “Participation in the Bullock Consulting Youngbloods has been a key part of their skill development for more than a decade.”

Bullock Consulting’s Chester Bullock said he had supported the series for 14 consecutive years.

“Bullock Consulting is proud to be associated with the series because it allows our emerging young drivers to compete against each other in quality races,” he said.

“There are many examples in recent years of long-term links between trainers and young drivers that start with the random allocation of drivers for heats of the series.”

Drivers Series Policy [PDF].

Released by: Nicolas Turner Tel: 0418 538 865