Volume 61 Stud Book – On Sale Now

Thursday 24 July 2014

Greyhounds Australasia is pleased to announce that Volume 61 of the Australian and New Zealand Greyhound Stud Book is on sale.

The Stud Book is often referred to as the bible of greyhound breeding data. The knowledge gained by fully researching a greyhound’s pedigree has proven to increase the opportunity to breed a group race winner.

Clever breeders use the information of pedigrees when determining a potential sire rather than being influenced by market pressures.

As the industry begins to realise the substantial costs to breed a litter, the small investment through the purchase of a Stud Book should not be overlooked.

Volume 61 is available for immediate purchase from Greyhounds Australasia at the price of $65.00. For mail delivery, an additional charge for postage and handing will apply.

Please contact Greyhounds Australasia on 03 9548 3500 or email admin@galtd.org.au to order your copy.