Amendment to Australian Rules of Racing

Thursday 16 October 2014

Australian Racing Board


Following recent cases, the Chairman of Stewards Committee (COSC) believes that AR.178F needs to cover treatments such as shock wave, acupuncture, vaccinations and others rather than just administrations of substances. Furthermore, there is no time requirement in the rule for when treatments need to be recorded. The COSC believes that there is a need to amend AR.178F so that such treatments are recorded and that all records should be up to date on a daily basis.

The rationale for changes to AR.178F are as follows:

  • To make it more clear that the rule applies to the administration of treatments and medications. What is meant by a treatment and medication is set out in more detail in AR.178F(2). Consequential amendments to the sub-rule have also been made to improve readability.
  • To provide that each treatment or medication must be recorded “by midnight on the day on which the administration was given”. This makes it clear that all treatment/medication administrations must be recorded on the same day as which they are given. By referring to “midnight” it is anticipated that arguments will be avoided about recording within a 24 hour (or “one day”) period from administration.
  • To slightly restructure the rule to move the requirement to keep records to a separate sub-rule (AR.178F(3)).
  • To require the production of records relating to “treatment and/or medication”.
  • To introduce a new sub-rule AR.178F(5) which makes it clear that a failure to comply with any provision of AR.178F is a breach of the rule and that the trainer may be penalised.

Amendment to Rule 178F

Please delete AR.178F and replace with the following:

(1)          A trainer must record treatment and medication administered to each horse in his or her care by midnight on the day on which the administration was given, and each record must include the following information:

(a)           the name of the horse;

(b)          the date and time of administration of the treatment or medication;

(c)           the name of the treatment or medication administered (brand name or active constituent);

(d)          the route of administration including by injection, stomach tube, paste, topical application or inhalation);

(e)          the amount of medication given (if applicable);

(f)           the duration of a treatment (if applicable);

(g)          the name and signature of person or persons administering and/or authorizing theadministration of the treatment or medication.


(2)          For the purposes of this rule:


(a)      “treatment” includes:

(i)         shock wave therapy;

(ii)       acupuncture (including laser treatment);

(iii)     chiropractic treatment;

(iv)     the use of any electrical stimulation device (including transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS));

(v)       magnetic field therapy;

(vi)     ultrasound;

(vii)   any form of oxygen therapy, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy; and


(b)     “medication” includes:

(i)           all Controlled Drugs (Schedule 8) administered by a veterinarian;

(ii)         all Prescription Animal Remedies (Schedule 4), including those listed in AR.178C(2);

(iii)        all Prescription Only Medicines (Schedule 4), prescribed and/or dispensed by a veterinarian for off-label use;

(iv)        all injectable veterinary medicines (intravenous, intramuscular, subcutaneous, intra-articular) not already included above;

(v)          all Pharmacist Only (Schedule 3) and Pharmacy Only (Schedule 2) medicines;

(vi)        all veterinary and other medicines containing other scheduled and unscheduled prohibited substances;

(vii)     all alkalinising agents;

(viii)all herbal preparations.


(3)          All records required to be kept in accordance with this AR.178F must be retained by the trainer for not less than two years.


(4)          When requested, a trainer must make available to the Stewards the record of any administration of a treatment and/or medication required by sub-rule (1).


(5)          A trainer who fails to comply with any provision of AR.178F commits a breach of this Rule and may be penalised.


Date of Effect: 1st January, 2015