Tasracing Update

Wednesday 19 November 2014

Due to important changes in the national landscape, the coming year will see the progressive implementation of a number of changes that will affect Tasmanian greyhound participants.

Animal Welfare has been recognised nationally as an issue of paramount importance.

The industry is open to ongoing scrutiny from the community whose expectations in regards to racing animals has changed and will continue to evolve.  As a result Greyhounds Australasia has formed a working party to review issues surrounding animal welfare and put in place a number of strategies in a move towards a more consistent national approach to welfare issues.

These strategies broadly fall into two categories, Industry Training and National Welfare.

Industry Training

The industry training initiative will see the introduction of mandatory training requirements linked to licensing.

Tasracing has already commenced preparations for the accreditation of currently registered participants in a process similar to that which has previously been completed in the thoroughbred and harness codes in Tasmania.

The accreditation process will take into account recognition of your prior learning and experience.  There are a number of statutory and regulatory requirements which must be adhered to for the training to be formally recognised.

Tasracing will contact each participant to advise them of the the process to attain formal recognition of their skills.

Animal Welfare

The strategies to address welfare issues in the industry are still be reviewed and developed.

Over a period of time they will cover issues such as:

  • All greyhounds having to be under the care of a registered participant at all times during their lifecycle, unless retired as a pet.
  • The introduction of a national approach to breeding to ensure the decision to breed a litter of greyhounds has been fully considered
  • Maximising opportunities for all greyhounds to reach their full potential
  • Maximising racing opportunities for all greyhounds
  • End of career alternatives

A national approach to education, registration, licensing, property inspections and compliance are expected to also follow in due course.

Further details and a broad overview of the National Animal Welfare Strategy can be viewed on the GA website, however we will provide notification of the ongoing changes through the Formguide, on the website and, where appropriate, directly to you, as they come to hand.