Loop arm lure use to commence

Wednesday 14 January 2015

Animal Welfare has been recognised nationally as an issue of paramount importance.   Tasracing in conjunction with the Greyhound Reference Group have determined that in the interests of the welfare of our racing greyhounds that the loop arm lure will be introduced for all racing in Tasmania.

The introduction will be phased in over a period of weeks to enable sufficient time for trainers to familiarise their greyhounds with the new loop arm lure with the new arm being utilised for trials before being introduced for use on race day.

During the period when the new loop arm is being used at trials RST stewards, Tasracing and the Clubs will closely monitor proceedings to identify any issues which need to be addressed prior to the introduction of the loop arm for races.

Trainers are also invited to provide constructive comments on any suggested improvements they may identify during this period.

The loop arm will be introduced for all trials at all tracks from Saturday 24 January 2015.  From this date only the loop arm lure shall be available for use – there will be no trials available on the straight arm.

In the absence of any issues at any track and approval being given by RST Stewards, the loop arm lure will be introduced for all race meetings from Monday 2 March 2015.