Change in Nomination Fee Procedures

Tuesday 14 April 2015

Tasracing has reviewed the way the nomination fee is charged and collected to:

  • ensure the process is GST compliant
  • avoid inefficiencies arising from GST
  • ensure the clubs continue to receive their full nomination fee funding.

As from 1 May 2015 the nomination fee of $80 per race (8 x $10 per starter) shall be paid directly to the club conducting the meeting on behalf of participants rather than being with-held from the stakes paid out by the Clubs.

The change will result in a far less complicated process for the Clubs in respect of the GST collection and payment requirements for nomination fees.

While the change will result in the currently advertised stake levels of races being reduced accordingly ($80 per race), there will be no change to the stake money currently received by participants.

Example (Grade 5 used for example)

greyhound example 1

This change in procedure has necessitated a change to the Stakes Payments policy and a copy of that amended policy is available from the Tasracing website or from the Club offices on racenight.