Greyhound Policy Manual Amended

Tuesday 14 April 2015

Tasracing has adopted amendments to the following policies:

  • Nationals Travelling Funding Policy
  • Race Programming policy
  • Stakes Payments Policy

The Nationals Travelling Funding policy has been amended to provide for re-imbursement of the costs for a “wildcard” entry into the final and to remove the requirement to reimburse the costs of stakes won.

Clause 2.2.1 of the Race Programming Policy has been amended to extend the grades of 340 races at Hobart to Juvenile/Maiden, Graduation, Trial and Free-to-All.

The changes to the Stakes Payments Policy is to cater for the payment of the nomination fees directly to the clubs rather than through the stakes funding.  Full details of this change in procedure is detailed in the “Change in Nomination Fee Procedures” information sheet.

The amendments to all the policies are effective from 1 May 2015.

Full details of the policies are available from the Tasracing website or from the Club offices on raceday.