New Lure Rules and Policies Adopted

Thursday 30 April 2015


Tasracing has adopted the new Greyhounds Australasia national lure rules together with a new local rule and policies which determine what can be used as a lure in connection with the training, education or racing of greyhounds in Tasmania.

The national rules prohibit the use of any live animal, animal carcass or any part of an animal as a lure, however Tasracing has adopted a local rule which permits the use of any tanned and professionally processed sheep skin used as a lure.

The new national rules also require a person to notify and obtain approval from Racing Services Tasmania for any animals kept as domesticated pets or for rural or agricultural purposes at a place where greyhounds are also kept, trained or raced.

The new rules and policies provide a penalty of a minimum disqualification of 10 years and a fine, up to the maximum permitted under the rules, to be imposed on any person found using a lure that contravenes the new rules and policy.

In addition, any person who witnesses a contravention of the rules and policy and fails to report it to Racing Services Tasmania faces a minimum disqualification of five years and a maximum fine of $20,000.

The new national rules also include the new greyhound ownership syndicate and partnership regulations.

The current policy on Fightback Trials has been rescinded.

The rules and policies are effective from 30 April 2015.

Full details of the new rules and Policies are as follows:

GAR Rule Amendments

Local Rule Amendments

Policy Amendments