Loop Arm Lure Update

Tuesday 4 August 2015

Following the trialling sessions undertaken during July 2015, a number of suggestions have been received from participants, club members and lure drivers from around the state.

In light of the suggestions received Tasracing determined to postpone the introduction of the loop arm lure for races until these suggestions can be evaluated and, if considered appropriate, implemented.

To ensure any changes implemented do not impose undue stress on the equipment, a consultant engineer has been engaged to review both the current lure arm and the suggestions.

Once the review process has been conducted by the consultants, the design parameters that must be adhered to will be advised for comment from participants.

It is expected that the process, including the feedback from participants, will be finalised by mid October 2015 at which time a short period of trialling will commence with the newly engineered loop arm lure prior to it being introduced for racing.

In light of the time frame and the concerns raised by trainers, the clubs were consulted and given the option to determine the type of lure to be used during this development/consultation phase.

The lures to be used at each venue during the development/consultation phase are as follows:

Club                        Normal Trials               Run-on Trials

HGRC                     Loop Arm                       Loop Arm

LGRC                      Straight Arm                  Loop Arm

NWGRC                  Straight Arm                  Loop Arm

Ongoing feedback is welcomed as Tasracing continues to work towards a loop arm which ensures the integrity of the equipment, is acceptable to participants and also meets the welfare needs of the industry.