Tasmanian Foals – Vicbred Eligibility

Tuesday 1 September 2015

All Tasmanian harness foals (conditions apply) are now eligible for both the Tasbred series and the Vicbred series. Harness Racing Victoria has approved a change to Vicbred conditions which allows Tasmanian foals to be eligible for Vicbred under exactly the same conditions as Victorian and South Australian foals.

The change is:

  • Starting in the 2014/15 season, progeny will be eligible for the Vicbred program if the broodmare was inseminated in Victoria, South Australia or Tasmania with the semen of a stallion registered and standing outside of Victoria, South Australia or Tasmania at the time of insemination provided that the foal is born in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania and is notified to HRV;

All Tasmanian breeders now have two options when registering foals.

  1. Vicbred and Tasbred Eligibility

To register for both Vicbred and Tasbred eligibility, the foal must be registered with Harness Racing Victoria. When the foal is sired by a Victorian based stallion, Vicbred eligibility can be achieved by sending the ‘tear off coupon’ on the service certificate to Harness Racing Victoria.

  1. Tasbred Eligibility

To register for Tasbred eligibility only, the foal must be registered with the Office Of Racing Integrity (ORI) in Tasmania.

Full details of the Vicbred series are available at http://www.vicbred.com.au/

Full details of Tasracing Harness Breeders Support are available at http://tasracing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/HPOL0073-Tasracing-Breeders-Support-Policy.pdf

Any inquiries relating to Vicbred eligibility for Tasmanian born foals should be directed to Kevin Neilson.


Kevin Neilson

Code Development Manager Harness


03 6212 9316 or 0418 309538