Greyhound Adoption Program Tasmania Statement

Monday 9 November 2015

From Tasracing CEO Dr Eliot Forbes:

There has been some social media commentary in the past 48-hours regarding the future of the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) in Tasmania.

For the record, GAPTas will continue in its current format, with Tasracing providing a boost in funding for the program going forward.  This has been addressed in various media reports and in Tasracing’s recently published 2014/15 annual report.

Importantly, there is an immediate need to find homes for a number of retired greyhounds.

With this in mind, Tasracing is discussing and considering additional opportunities, on top of the existing GAPTas, in the greyhound welfare space.

We are looking to pilot a similar approach to that which is currently in place in Victoria.  GAPTas and RSPCA Tasmania are looking at trialing a rehoming partnership with results monitored over a six-month period.

Tasmanian greyhound industry participants can rest assured that Tasracing’s commitment to greyhound welfare and GAPTas remains strong.

Dr Eliot Forbes – Chief Executive Officer.