Thursday 27 October 2016

The Tasracing Board has finalised the allocation of the code funding for 2016/17 and greyhound racing has been allocated a 4% increase on the base stakes of 2015/16 (after the stakes reset from 1 November last year).

This increase together with $59k from the 2014/15 season provides a total allocation of $3.966k.

The Greyhound Reference Group recommended that the $59k from the 2014/15 season be allocated for additional races from mid August and the last of this funding was expended at the Devonport meeting on 19 October 2016.

After reviewing the expenditure options, the Greyhound Reference Group recommended that the stake levels remain unchanged from last season with the exception that Masters Races, which will be increased to normal Mixed 4/5 stakes, with the balance of the funding being directed to Tasbred Grade 6 Bonuses ($11.1k), the premium for the handlers and catchers insurance ($4.9K) and the Greyhound Adoption Program ($290.25k).

The balance of $24k has been allocated to additional races at Hobart, where the greatest benefit for the industry can be achieved in turnover figures and has been allocated to the following 12 race meetings:

November 3     Gold Cup Heats

November 10     Gold Cup Final

December 8     Barry Heawood Hobart Thousand Prelude

January 5     Dennis Collis Memorial Heats

January 12     Dennis Collis Memorial Final

January 26     Maiden Thousand Final

March 23     Maiden Series Final

April 6     Easter Series Heats

April 1     Easter Series Finals

April 27     Vet’s Medley Heats

May 11     Vet’s Medley Final

June 15     Silver Trophy Final


This recommendation was approved by the Tasracing Board effective from 1 November 2016.