Thursday 12 January 2017

The Greyhound Reference Group was established as the advisory body to Tasracing on greyhound matters.   This group is also the conduit through which participants can make their views and opinions known to Tasracing.

The Greyhound Reference Group meets with Tasracing quarterly in March, June, September and December.

The Greyhound Reference Group consists of two representatives from each club and GOTBAT with the current representatives being:


  • Richard Stamford
  • Karlene Cuthbertson


  • Denise Fysh
  • Katrina Gregory


  • Robyn Johnson
  • Ingrid Watkins


  • Graeme Barber
  • Neville Allison


The GRG appointed a Grading and Programming Sub-Committee to review and draft programmes.  As participants are aware, since 1 January the programming has taken on a change with specific races now being called for.   The programmes are drafted by the sub-committee, reviewed by the GRG members and then submitted for approval by Tasracing.

The current members of the Grading and Programming Sub-Committee are:

David Manshanden (Chairman) – Tasracing

Peter Wesley (Tasracing)

Jayne Cooper (Office of Racing Integrity)

Jacinta Morgan (Office of Racing Integrity)

Neville Allison (GOTBAT representative)

Anthony Bullock (Northern participant)

Robyn Johnson (North West participant)

The GRG is still seeking a suitable participant representative from the south of the state, so if you have any suggestions of a participant who has an in-depth knowledge of the Grading Schedule and is prepared to part of the sub-committee, please advise your GRG representatives accordingly.

Remember, the GRG is the avenue for participants to have their views considered by Tasracing, so participants are encouraged to discuss issues with their clubs and their representatives.