Tasracing continues its support of National Jockeys Trust

Thursday 9 November 2017

TASRACING continues to support the work of the National Jockeys Trust with the organisation’s latest project centred on an awareness program that includes the stories of individual former jockeys.

Being a jockey is one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet, with higher rates of injuries and deaths than skydivers, boxers or professional motorcycle riders.

There is very little margin for error with 55-kilogram jockeys sitting on horses that weigh more than half a tonne each, galloping in a pack at 60 kilometres an hour.

Since racing began in Australia at Hyde Park in 1810, an estimated 900 jockeys have died in racing accidents. Thankfully, an increased focus on safety in recent years has seen the rate slow dramatically to an average of just over one jockey each year.

Please take time to follow the link below and read some of the in-depth stories, included is jockey Jack Hill who is on the comeback trail after suffering debilitating injuries as a result of a race fall.

And the piece on Jockey Superstitions is an article not to be missed.