Notice To Trainers Nominations for LGRC on 9 August 2018

Tuesday 17 July 2018

There are three special events (Best 8) over 515 metres listed for the LGRC meeting on 9 August 2018.

Due to the constraints of the OzChase system, each event will be identified on OzChase (for nomination purposes only) as follows:
515 Grade 4 (B8) – Best 8 515m
515 Grade 5 (B8) – Special Event 515m
515 Grade 6 (B8) – Open 515m

Trainers must nominate their greyhounds for these special races on OzChase to be considered for selection for these Special (B8) Events.

Trainers nominating for the special events should also consider stipulating a second choice to be considered should the greyhound not be selected for the special event.