Muzzle-free future for accredited greyhounds

Tuesday 18 December 2018

From today, greyhounds who have been accredited through either the Greyhound Adoption Program or Brightside Farm Sanctuary can go muzzle-free in public.

Greyhounds can be wonderful, placid pets, and we believe that every retired greyhound should have the opportunity to go muzzle-free in public, provided they have undergone appropriate medical and behavioural assessments.

Following amendments to the Dog Control Act 2000 late last year, the Director of Racing has now approved the Greyhound Adoption Program and Brightside Farm Sanctuary to assess and approve greyhounds to be un-muzzled in public.

It’s great news for both current and future greyhound owners and will assist in the industry’s ongoing efforts to have as many greyhounds re-homed as possible.

Greyhounds obtained from GAP with a numbered green collar can be un-muzzled in public immediately without needing to do anything else. Any greyhound without a collar must contact GAP to have one issued, as this identifies a greyhound as having passed the suitability program.

For greyhounds obtained from Brightside Farm Sanctuary, owners need to contact Brightside to obtain a numbered orange collar.

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