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2019 Edgar Tatlow Medal Nominations

10 / 09 / 2019

The Edgar Tatlow Medal recognises an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the Tasmanian Harness Racing Industry. The contribution may have been in the field of training, driving, ownership, administration, breeding and/or any other harness related activity.

A number of nominations have been received however should any individual, club or affiliated bodies wish to submit any further nominations for the 2019 Edgar Tatlow Medal please forward to  Angela Barrett no later than Wednesday 18 September. Nominations should include notes on any aspect of the person’s contribution to harness racing.

Nominations from previous years that have not received an Edgar Tatlow Medal will be included in the list for 2019.

Previous winners of the Edgar Tatlow Medal are Doug Martin (2001), Peter Cooley (2002), Keith Stanley (2003), Pauline Barker (2004), Darrell Rockliff (2005), Don Cornish (2006), Eric Fleming (2007), Eric Bean (2008), Tem Fish (2009), Henry Pullen (2010), Doug McKillop (2011), Gerald Gee (2012), Rod Burgess (2013), Kevin Gillies (2014), Art Meeker (2015), David Mace (2016), Noel Salter (2017) and Chester Bullock (2018).

Angela Barrett

(03) 6212 9307