Greyhound Kennel Facility Request for EOI

Friday 14 June 2019

This Request for Expression of Interest will consider whether an acceptable opportunity exists for Tasracing to purchase an existing kennel facility suitable for the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP).

About the Greyhound Adoption Program

Tasracing wants to see an industry where every greyhound has every opportunity to enjoy a fulfilling life after racing. Tasracing’s Greyhound Adoption Program has been in operation since late 2009. During this period
Tasracing has based the GAP at the personal facilities of its GAP Co-Ordinator. During this period the GAP Co-ordinator has managed the operation on behalf of Tasracing and has allowed the use of their privately run kennels.

The current model of the Tasracing GAP facility does not allow any interested parties to visit and view greyhounds available for adoption. As it is a private residence and facility it does not allow for the use of volunteers and foster families to become involved on site. This restriction places significant pressure on rehoming numbers and severely reduces the ability for members of the public to engage with the program. There is an urgent requirement for the GAP to allow a meet and greet component to the program.

During the 2017/18 period, GAP saw 102 greyhounds rehomed into the Tasmanian community. 85 Greyhounds were rehomed in 2016. This increase of 17 dogs in 2 years has been met with wide-ranging commentary with an emphasis being that this increase does not satisfy the requirement.

Currently, we have 96 dogs adopted in the 2018/2019 year. The current waiting list on the GAP website has 91 greyhounds either waiting or ready to be rehomed. There are a number of Tasmanian trainers who state they have surplus to this number should the list reduce. The time frame on rehoming greyhounds in Tasmania is far greater than any other state in the country. The reason for such delays and the length of the waiting list has been closely linked to the inability to operate within a suitable facility which allows the public the ability to visit and interact with available greyhounds. The use of the current GAP Coordinator’s property is not well received and regardless of the quality of such a program (which is very well received) the simple lack of external exposure creates many issues. It also holds issues for the participants who may like to visit the facility and view their dog and take friends or family.

Introduction and Background

A dedicated facility owned and operated by Tasracing with full public access will facilitate the demonstration to the community that greyhounds are perfectly suited to being pets and are not traumatised, robotic athletes. Tasracing’s goal is to reach a re-homing target of over 150 greyhounds through its GAP facility annually. The need for a dedicated facility has never been greater and has led to this EOI.

Request for EOI GAP documentation can be viewed here.