Wide Arm Lure Trials To Commence

Wednesday 7 August 2019

Trainers are advised that trials on the wide arm lure which has been under development are scheduled to commence at Launceston on Wednesday night 14 August 2019.

The wide arm lure will not be introduced for the run-on trials and will only be available for the normal trials on Wednesday nights.

All Wednesday night trials will be on the new wide arm lure.  There will be no trials available on the current hoop lure.

The trials on the wide arm lure will be held over four weeks on August 14, 21 & 28 and September 4 following which a final assessment will be made as to a date the wide arm lure will be introduced for racing at Launceston.

It is expected that the wide arm lure will be introduced at Launceston following which work will begin on the development of a wide arm lure for Hobart.  Development of a wide arm lure for Devonport will follow the introduction at the other two tracks.

Trainers are also advised that harness racing will be conducting a meeting at Launceston on Wednesday September 11 so there will be no trials that night.  Trial sessions will be held on Friday nights from September 13 until further notice.

The run-on trials will continue as usual on Wednesday mornings.

Anyone with any queries in respect to the introduction of the wide arm lure is asked to contact Northern Operations Officer, Ricky Aitken on 0447 212 970.