Predicted hot weather on Friday 31 January: notice from Office of Racing Integrity

Wednesday 29 January 2020

The Office of Racing Integrity wishes to advise of the following measures with regards to equine and participant welfare for the scheduled meeting at Hobart on Friday the 31st of January. Given the forecasted top temperature of 38 degrees on Friday, the Office of Racing Integrity after consulting with Tasracing will be implementing the following measures to mitigate any potential risks with regards to the temperatures forecasted.

Equine welfare:

  • Engaged horses will only be required on-course 1 hour prior to the scheduled race time.
  • All horses that are trained/stabled more than 1 hour from Elwick Racecourse will be subject to a pre-race veterinary examination upon arrival on course.
  • Trainers are required to seek veterinary advice upon arrival on course if there are any concerns with the welfare of the horse.
  • No pre-race or post-race parades will occur at the meeting.
  • Stewards will aim to minimize the time spent behind barriers pre-race.
  • Official veterinarians will observe horses upon return to the saddling paddock. Riders will be required to pass the veterinarians and voice any concerns regarding the welfare of the horse. This will allow riders and trainers to report concerns with the welfare of the horse.
  • Prior to leaving the course, trainers will be required to seek approval from the official veterinarians. This will ensure that all horses have recovered appropriately.

Participant welfare:

  • Cool water will be available in all areas and for all participants.
  • Riders will be permitted to re-hydrate during the day. Stewards will be reasonable in considering overweight applications.
  • Riders and other licensed people have an obligation to report any concerns with regards to horse welfare but also their own personal health.
  • Riders are required upon return to the mounting yard to communicate with the official veterinarians as to any concerns with regards to horse welfare.