New welfare rules introduced

Friday 21 February 2020

Tasracing has introduced a suite of new welfare rules around the retirement of greyhounds from the industry and their preparation for rehoming.

The new rules, which replace Rule 36 in its entirety, require an owner to make all reasonable efforts to avoid euthanasia of their greyhound by finding it a suitable long-term home.

The rules impose requirements for a wind down period of 28 days from racing and the socialisation of the greyhound prior to making genuine attempts to find a long-term home for a greyhound.

It also imposes a requirement for all greyhounds that are not rehomed through the Greyhound Adoption Program to be desexed prior to rehoming.

If necessary, a greyhound can only be euthanised after written approval is received from the Controlling Body, except in emergency situations.

The new Rules have been adopted effective from 1 March 2020 and participants are urged to ensure they familiarise themselves with the requirements and provisions of the new rules.

A copy of the new rules can be downloaded here.