Changes to Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) entry process

Friday 17 April 2020

Effective as of 1st May 2020, the following changes to the GAP entry process will be implemented:

  1. Before being accepted onto the GAP waitlist, the wind-down notification form must be lodged with the Office of Racing Integrity (ORI) and confirmation from ORI received by GAP
  2. As per rule 36.4 (e) all greyhounds must have completed the 28-day wind-down period
  3. All greyhounds must have a current C5 vaccination administered no less than 14 days before entry to the program and no longer than nine months, and a certificate from a registered veterinarian must be provided
  4. Only the greyhound listed on the waiting list may take the spot as it becomes available – swapping greyhounds is not permitted
  5. The GAP entry fee of $110 has been waived

Prior to or on the day of entry the following must be provided:

  1. Photocopy of race card or naming papers
  2. Current C5 vaccination certificate (Please ask the vet to leave your personal details off the certificate as this is given to the new owner)
  3. Completed Greyhound Details and History forms

It is NOT a GAP entry requirement that the greyhound be desexed, however if the greyhound has been desexed please provide the desexing certificate.
All dogs on the current waitlist will hold their respective places if the wind-down notification form has been lodged with ORI by the 1st May 2020. After this date, all dogs without a confirmed ‘wind-down notification’ will be removed from the list and require re-booking once the form has been lodged. GAP will email all current owners/trainers on the waiting list to notify them of this change.