From the CEO’s Desk

Thursday 17 September 2020

Elwick track update

This is my third update on the Elwick thoroughbred track redevelopment.

Earlier this month I wrote that we have been very pleased with the rate of recovery from the unplanned additional use in June and July brought about by the Covid-19 shutdown.

Further, I wrote that we have full confidence in the Elwick track going forward given this rate of recovery. This continues to be the case.

In summary, the inside eight-metres of the track is in good condition for the return to racing on 4 October.

More broadly, the Elwick track is currently undergoing an aggressive maintenance schedule where key areas of focus are aeration, fertilizing and topdressing.

Other work is being undertaken in order to reinstate the turf to 100 per cent coverage to provide a sustainable racing surface for the entire season.

Importantly, the track management plan is reviewed regularly with Strathayr and adjustments made accordingly.

Industry representatives will be inspecting the track this week with Strathayr’s Frank Casimaty.

Paul Eriksson


Chief Executive Officer