Media release: Tasracing launches new equine welfare initiative

Monday 17 May 2021

Tasracing and national horse feed and supplement company Hygain have established a partnership to further help support retired racehorses in Tasmania.

From 1 June 2021, Hygain will provide the new owners or lessees of newly retired racehorses with feed and nutritional advice. Hygain will also supply product vouchers for use at Off the Track sponsored events in Tasmania.

Tasracing will make a financial contribution to assist cover the cost of the vouchers.

Hygain Feeds Territory Manager Martin Connell said his company was keen to support the Tasmanian program to demonstrate the longevity of thoroughbred and standardbred racehorses and their value well beyond the racetrack.

“Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds are beautiful animals with a value that extends well beyond the race track and we are keen to support any initiative that demonstrates this fact,” he said.

“If given the proper care and nutrition, most thoroughbreds and standardbreds will bring extraordinary joy to their new owners well in to their 20s and even 30s.

“As an organisation committed to equine nutritional welfare we consider ourselves obligated to partner with Tasracing in promoting and incentivising the ownership of ex racehorses.”

Tasracing CEO Paul Eriksson said thoroughbred and standardbred racehorses had been carefully bred for health and stamina.

“When their racing career is over, they are ideal athletes and /or personal companions for the equestrian community and horse lovers alike,” he said.

“During their racing career they have been well cared for by fully licensed trainers.

“While some ailments or minor injuries may impede their capacity to compete on the track, they can often perform well in a new career in their next phase of life.”

Further details on the feed and nutritional advice and product vouchers will be communicated to the Tasmanian Off the Track community in the coming weeks.