Strategic Plan consultation update

Thursday 5 August 2021

Tasracing has been focussed on achieving sustainability and stability and through this to create an environment that sets a solid platform for growth.

Following the completion of the “2020 and Beyond” Strategic Plan and the 2016 “5 year Infrastructure Plan” it is appropriate that we reset both plans and turn our mind to the future racing needs of the state.

Tasracing defines sustainability as:

“achieving at least an accounting break even result and generating sufficient cash flows to service debts and fund an appropriate maintenance and development capital expenditure program”

(Sustainability Report to the Minister dated 25th October 2013.)

Through the consultation document released in March 2021 we gave industry participants a chance to have their say on the development of a new strategic and infrastructure plan – one which will provide the foundation for the growth of racing into the future.

This document was divided into two sections. The first covered key questions and objectives regarding Tasracing and the Industry’s strategic direction and long term vision. The second covered key infrastructure issues by venue.

We received 28 responses to the Strategic Plan and 16 responses to the Infrastructure plan.

To facilitate the delivery of this plan going forward Tasracing has engaged Doug Freeman to conduct the Industry Consultation workshops.

These code based workshops will be held in the period from mid August to mid September 2021.