IMPORTANT notice to racing participants in relation to use of masks on race days

Monday 18 October 2021

The lockdown in Southern Tasmania will end at 6pm today however some restrictions will remain in place until 6pm Friday, 22 October.

All participants and members of the general public attending the following race meetings will be required to wear a mask at all times as per Public Health advice.

  • Hobart Greyhound Trials: Tuesday 19 October
  • Hobart Harness: Wednesday 20 October
  • Hobart Thoroughbreds: Thursday 21 October
  • Hobart Greyhounds: Thursday 21 October

All participants and members of the general public are required to bring their own masks.

There will be a limited supply of masks available at applicable venues in the event a participant or member of the public is unable to source their own mask, or a mask is lost. Priority for the supply of these backup masks will be given to participants.

Use of masks by jockeys and drivers:

Jockey’s and Drivers must wear a mask at all times, however, masks may be lowered for the duration of a race given that racing conditions constitute vigorous physical activity.

Tasracing recommends jockeys and drivers wear masks that will not fall off while in a lowered position – eg a mask with a strap that goes around the head, rather than around the ears.

Jockeys and drivers may lower their masks as soon as they leave the mounting yard and are on the track and moving towards the start. Jockeys and drivers will be required to raise their masks to cover their noses and mouth as soon as possible at the conclusion of a race.

 Southern residents travelling to race meetings in the north:

Participants residing in the south travelling to the north of the state for any race meeting must always wear a mask (The exemption for jockeys during a race applies), including these meetings:

  • Devonport Greyhounds: Tuesday 19th October
  • Longford Thoroughbred Trials: Tuesday 19th October

Enforcement of mask-wearing:

Please note that Tasracing and ORI will strictly enforce these requirements. Any participant or member of the public who does not comply will be required to leave the venue.

Tasracing and/or ORI may engage security staff to remove any person who continues to refuse to comply, and who refuses to leave the venue voluntarily.

For further information: