NWC Updates

Wednesday 30 March 2022

31 March

Hello all in harness on the NWC.

Updates as follows –

Fast-work training facility: discussions with the Maxfields to lease their track for fast-work have progressed well and we are now at the stage of drafting a final lease document.

Hopefully, the lease can be finalised very soon, at which point Tasracing will communicate and co-ordinate access times and associated details.

Travel subsidy: revised (increased) subsidy program will be released for industry comment in a matter of days.

Review and comment period will be 2-3 days with a view to releasing a formal policy next week.

Eligible travel undertaken in the interim post-March 20 will be retrospectively covered.


23 March

My email below states Carrick is to be included in the compensation program (and it now is) but I was referring to races and trials – not training

Having checked my meeting notes Steven is correct in saying the discussion the evening of 3 March was in relation to training at Carrick (particularly for young horses as the venue is ideal for getting them used to a racecourse environment)

That being the case Carrick training is not currently included in compensation. But, it is my error in misreading my own notes so I still have the action to consider Carrick training inclusion in compensation


17 March

Hello to everyone in our industry on the NWC

As I committed to at our discussion forum on 3 March this is the first of what can be a regular fortnightly update to industry from Tasracing

In addition, and also as committed, I will be on the NWC at least monthly on average ongoing

Key update items as follows –

Moving out of DAPS

  • This remains planned to proceed as advised by 25 March
  • Last harness meeting 20 March, last greyhounds 22 March
  • Removal of equipment and agreed infrastructure will start 21 March and be completed by 24 March
  • As raised at the 3 March forum Tasracing has asked both DAPS and the developer about the possibility of a leaseback. Responses are yet to be received and we are following up regularly

Fast work training track

  • Agreement is reached in principle with the Maxfields to lease and use their track asap
  • Tasracing are drafting a lease for review and this will be completed in the coming days
  • Subject to the lease being signed the track can open for use ‘as is’ quickly, with added infrastructure to go in

Travel subsidy

  • Final proposed version is complete and I will share over the coming days for comment
  • Note that as suggested 3 March by industry Carrick is now added in

New track and facilities

  • No change from when we met 3 March, i.e. waiting final site assessment reports before next steps including Council process
  • Reports expected 2-3 weeks

Thank you