NWC Group update 24 May 2022

Tuesday 24 May 2022

Hello Everyone on the NWC

Updates as follows in relation to racing and training facilities

Location of new tracks
Independent valuation is complete and assessment of suitability for the Mill Rd site is progressing well

We are now entering detailed negotiations with the owner and, all continuing to go positively, we will be able to provide an update in relation to purchase

There are three alternate locations being kept in mind just in case

Greyhound training track
As per my recent update, the owner of the Showgrounds has not ruled out a training lease and has requested a meeting with the Premier

We are liaising with the Racing Minister’s office to set this up asap

Harness training track
A lease was executed yesterday to use the Maxfield’s track for training

Over the coming days there are a couple of initial things happening before we can get trainers on the track –

A User Agreement will go up on the Tasracing website for trainers to sign and send back to me. Trainers will then be issued with a key to the gate (I will let everyone know when the User Agreement is online)

  • The car park area needs extra gravel immediately so floats can turn out without getting bogged. The contractor is booked and we are planning to do the work this week