Robyn Whishaw worthy inductee into Hall of Fame

Wednesday 2 September 2015

The Tasmanian Racing Hall Of Fame already includes Armidale Stud founder David Whishaw and his son Denis who ran the state’s leading thoroughbred nursery from the late 1980s until his premature death in 2004.

If anyone thought that would be the end of Armidale, they were sadly mistaken.

Into the breach stepped Denis’ widow Robyn Whishaw.

Robyn worked hand-in-hand with Denis during his time in charge and since taking over as general manager 11 years ago she has seen Armidale Stud go from strength to strength.

Armidale continues to bring top-class stallions to Tasmania and breed stakes-class horses that have left their mark around Australia.

All of which is not surprising.

Robyn grew up around horses and, in the early 70s when her mother had a stock horse and thoroughbred stud, she assisted with foaling, matings and yearling preparations.

She later graduated from the University of Tasmania with a Bachelor of Education degree before marrying Denis and becoming part of the Armidale team.

In recent years, Robyn has been a vocal advocate for the racing industry as it has sought to gain better funding and cement its future.

She has served on the executive of the Thoroughbred Advisory Network taking over as chair in 2015.

Few people in the racing or breeding industries command more respect, making Robyn Whishaw a worthy inductee into the Tasmanian Racing Hall Of Fame in her own right.