Media Accreditation

Photography at Tasmanian racing venues

Capturing photos and video at all Tasmanian racing venues is governed by Tasracing’s standard Conditions of Entry. Members of the public are allowed to capture photos and video of race meetings, however, should note that Tasracing retains copyright ownership of all photos and video captured by any member of the visiting public. The full Conditions of Entry can be viewed here.

Official Media Accreditation

Tasracing encourages professional media to attend Tasmanian race meetings.

All professional media including photographers, videographers and journalists are required to apply for Official Media Accreditation.

Tasracing will grant Official Media Accreditation to freelancers and employees of media companies wishing to attend race meetings for the purpose of racing or sports media coverage, or for the purpose of freelance photographers/videographers including drone operators wishing to capture racing images to make available for sale to members of the public, racing clubs, or racing participants.

Official Media Accreditation will provide the individual with an official identification tag which when worn to a race meeting will allow the individual to enter into areas restricted to the general public. Specific areas of access will be agreed prior to the accredited individual arriving at the racing venue and is entirely at Tasracing’s discretion.

All individuals who successfully obtain Tasracing Official Media Accreditation will be subject to Tasracing’s standard conditions of entry, plus must obey all instructions from Tasracing staff or authorised representatives when attending race meetings. Breaching any of the Conditions of Entry or instructions from Tasracing staff may result in accreditation being revoked.

To apply for accreditation prospective media attendees are required to:

  • Undertake Tasracing induction for the relevant venues
  • Provide certificate of currency for public liability to $20 million*
  • Read and sign the Rules and Regulations form
  • Provide a passport size photograph
  • Submit application to Tasracing (using the form on this page, or email

On approval of the application for Media Accreditation, Tasracing will provide the applicant with a photo ID tag that can be used to enter the venue, stables and mounting yard areas. See below for details on how to obtain the requisite documentation.

*If you do not have proof of insurance cover on application the Certificate of Currency can be provided after the initial application has been processed and approval given subject to its provision.

Step 1: Obtain required documentation


  • Go to Tasracing induction
  • Register for an account
  • Select ‘Media’
  • Add in Location
  • On the tab go to Training Requirements
  • Once familiar – go to Assessment – complete the questions.
  • Repeat for all locations required.
  • Keep a copy of the notification of successful completion for each venue.

Public liability

  • Contractors are required to provide a certificate of currency from their insurer indicating public liability to $20 million has been obtained
  • Employees of media organisations are required to provide a certificate of currency indicating they are covered by their employer’s public liability insurance

Rules and regulations form

Photo – headshot

  • Provide one digital passport size photo of face and upper torso
  • Recommended size 45mm high, 35mm wide

Step 2: Submit an application

Media Accreditation form