Greyhound recovery rebate scheme

The Greyhound Recovery Rebate Scheme (GRRS) is only available for injuries incurred by greyhounds at a race meeting, qualifying trials or an official trial session at which club officials are present.

Tasracing will contribute funding up to a maximum of $5,500 including GST towards all veterinary costs for greyhound injuries eligible under the scheme.

Participation in the scheme is voluntary, however the Conditions of Entry must be satisfied before a greyhound will be accepted into the scheme.

Tasracing retains the right to assess any situation and make any decision it deems appropriate at its entire discretion on any matters which arises from time to time, in respect to any claim under this policy.

Eligible injury

A GRRS-eligible injury or medical condition is defined as:

  • any bone fracture except a single metacarpal or metatarsal fracture, a toe (phalangeal and/or sesamoid) fracture or a tail fracture; or
  • any joint dislocation above and including the wrist or hock, (therefore does not include metacarpal-phalangeal or metatarsal-phalangeal dislocation, toe dislocation, or tail dislocation); or
  • a complete Achilles tendon rupture; or
  • any other severe injury or medical condition where on-track euthanasia may otherwise be considered appropriate.

Conditions of entry

Race Meetings and Qualifying Trials

  • The injury must have occurred during a race at a race meeting or qualifying trial at a registered track in Tasmania where an on-track Veterinarian is present; and
  • The on-track Veterinarian must be able to ensure the wellbeing of the greyhound prior to the off-track veterinary consultation, which would include pain management and temporary stabilisation of the injury; and
  • The person in charge of the greyhound at the meeting must accept the offer from the on-track Veterinarian for the greyhound to be admitted into the scheme prior to leaving the track on that day

Official Trial Sessions

  • The injury must have occurred during an official trial session in Tasmania at which club officials are present.
  • A Club Official must certify the occurrence of the injury on the GRRS application form.

The person responsible for the greyhound must organise and be responsible for all costs of the transport to and from their chosen off-track veterinarian(s) and the required care during their Greyhounds rehabilitation and recovery.

Tasracing at its entire discretion may assist with the cost of travel arrangements for specialist treatment as part of the maximum funding amount.

A claim form under the policy can be downloaded here

The GRRS policy is available here