Greyhound recovery rebate scheme

The Greyhound Recovery Rebate Scheme has been amended from 1 October 2020 to include injuries at trial sessions at which club officials are in attendance and the rebate amount has been increased to $3,000 per claim.

The Greyhound Recovery Rebate Scheme (GRRS) is only available for injuries incurred by greyhounds at a race meeting, qualifying trials or an official trial session at which club officials are present.

Subject to the funding criteria outlined below, Tasracing will contribute funding up to a maximum of $3,000 including GST (cumulative for both Stage 1 and Stage 2 funding) towards all veterinary costs for injured Greyhounds whose cases are considered eligible.

Participation in the scheme is voluntary, however the Conditions of Entry in Clause 4 must be satisfied before a greyhound will be accepted into the scheme.

Funding for the scheme is broken up into two separate stages as detailed and the logistics of payment either consist of a re-imbursement to the payee for the undergone treatment (on production of accounts with receipts which clearly identifies the greyhound) or payment directly to the veterinarian(s) (on production of an account for payment which clearly identifies the greyhound).

Stage 1 Funding:

Preliminary off-track veterinary consultation and injury assessment, which includes any immediate treatments such as pain management and temporary stabilisation of injuries.

Stage 2 Funding:

Consequent treatment of the eligible injury.

Eligible injury

An eligible injury is one which is considered as potentially career ending, and must be:

  • A bone break or fracture, excluding fracture(s) of a single metacarpal or metatarsal, a toe (phalangeal or sesamoid) or a tail break/fracture; or
  • Dislocation of a joint above and including the wrist or hock, this does not include a metacarpal-phalangeal or metatarsal-phalangeal dislocation, a toe dislocation or a tail dislocation; or
  • A complete Achilles tendon rupture.

Conditions of entry

The person responsible for the greyhound must organise and be responsible for all costs of the transport to and from their chosen off-track veterinarian(s) and the required care during their Greyhounds rehabilitation and recovery.

Benefit details

Stage 1 Funding – Preliminary Off-track Veterinary Consultation and Injury Assessment

  • The aim of this stage is to undergo a preliminary off-track veterinary consultation and ascertain an accurate diagnosis of the injury, especially in a scenario where the On Track Veterinarian’s opinion requires confirmation via X-ray after suspecting an eligible injury.
  • Tasracing, through the GRRS, will financially support all reasonable costs of the initial veterinary consultation up to the maximum amount, irrespective of the diagnostic outcome and the assessment outcome regarding the eligibility for further treatment.
  • If the OTV requires the Greyhound to receive overnight veterinary care, this will be funded by GRRS under the ‘Stage 1’ preliminary off-track veterinary consultation with the cost being part of the maximum funding amount.

Stage 2 Funding – Treatment

  • In the event that the injury sustained is confirmed to be eligible for GRRS support, funding will continue for subsequent treatment up to the maximum funding amount.
  • In the event that the injury sustained is found by the veterinarian to not be eligible, the GRRS will still fund all reasonable costs up to the maximum amount encountered during stage 1 preliminary veterinary consultations, but not any subsequent following treatments.
  • In the unfortunate event where the injury is found to be more serious than previously thought by the OTV and the prospect of recovery with an acceptable welfare outcome is poor leaving euthanasia the preferred opinion of the consulting veterinarian, GRRS will fund the cost of euthanasia provided the total cost is within the maximum funding amount.

Tasracing retains the right to assess any situation and make any decision it deems appropriate at its entire discretion on any matters which arises from time to time, in respect to any claim under this policy.

A claim form under the policy can be downloaded here.