Code of Conduct – Summary

What is the Code of Conduct?

The Code establishes standards of behaviour expected of Tasracing employees, officers and contractors when performing duties on behalf of Tasracing. It provides guidance with regards to issues that persons may confront in the course of their employment or service.

The Code of Conduct applies to all employees of Tasracing and representatives, officers and contractors in the workplace who are undertaking Tasracing business.

The following is a summary of Tasracing’s Code of Conduct.


Professional behaviour

We (Tasracing) carry out our duties with honesty, integrity, efficiency and fairness, working always to the best of our abilities. We are always courteous and responsive to our colleagues and customers, in particular we are respectful of cultural, religious and social customs.


Workplace bullying/harassment

We model positive behaviours, we support and motivate others in all the work we do. We know the procedural and legislative requirements of our positions and we comply with them. We take action to address and prevent bullying and harassment.

Tasracing resources and assets

Tasracing provides employees with a wide range of assets and resources to fulfil their role, it is the responsibility of each employee to ensure that all assets and resources are used in accordance with the Code and other related policies and governing legislation.

We make informed decisions and obtain all relevant and reliable information when making this decision.


Diversity and equity

We recognise that the individuals within our workplace differ. Having a wide range of skills and experiences and having a diverse workforce means that Tasracing is more equipped to meet our challenges head on. Tasracing is committed to equity and diversity in the workplace.


No discrimination

Discrimination or harassment in relation to anyone we work with or deal with will not be tolerated.


Working safely

Tasracing is subject to relevant state and federal Workplace Health and Safety legislation and established practices. Tasracing is committed to providing a work environment that is healthy and safe. This can only be achieved if all employees, contractors, stakeholders and participants recognise that a safe workplace is everyone’s responsibility.


Tasracing is compliant with and enforces all WHS legislation, regulations and practices. We demonstrate this by;

  • carrying out our duties in a safe manner in accordance with relevant policies, standards and procedures,
  • ensuring that our employees are trained and competent to carry out their duties, and
  • reporting all health and safety incidents/accidents and issues.

We have open communications and encourage employees to contribute to decisions that may have an effect on them. Safety will never be compromised, under any circumstances


Commitment to integrity

We are committed to operating our business honestly, efficiently and fairly and in accordance with ethical standards and legal requirements. We do not participate in any decision making process in which we may be compromised and we declare any conflicts of interest.


Business Records

All records and documentation are to be recorded in Tasracing’s document management system and retained in accordance with established retention schedules and legislative requirements.



We maintain the confidentially, integrity and security of Tasracing information for which we are responsible. We take care to ensure that sensitive or confidential information is kept secure and never disclosed.


Public comment

All media enquiries are to be referred to the CEO and we do not make public comment on Tasracing matters unless authorised by the CEO.


Gifts, benefits & hospitality

We must never accept gifts, benefits or favours where these may influence, or may reasonably be seen to influence our decision making. We must never solicit any gift, benefit, hospitality or money. To do so would seriously damage the reputation of Tasracing.



We are committed to ensuring we protect the integrity and reputation of our employees and the Tasmanian racing industry. We have a policy in place and comply with the terms and conditions of our wagering policy.



We implement and adhere to all of our policies to promote a transparent and accountable workplace and to ensure compliance with all legislative requirements.

Tasracing’s policies can be viewed at


Breaches of the Code

The Code is designated to promote and enhance the ethical behaviour of all employees and representatives of Tasracing. Breaches of the Code may result in disciplinary action for misconduct or serious misconduct. Any action may result in sanctions being imposed, including and up to, termination of employment.

Any person who is aware of an apparent breach of the Code or any other Tasracing Policy should report the breach to


Tasracing may review or update the Code of Conduct or its other Policies from time-to-time.  Any amendments will be available on our website as soon as reasonably practicable.


The printable version of Tasracing’s Code of Conduct – Summary.