Rules & Policies


HRA National Rules

HRA Rule amendents eff 5 November 2020 [PDF]
HRA Rule amendments eff 1 September 2020 [PDF]
HRA Rule amendments eff 1 September 2020  – Whip Rule [PDF]
HRA Rule amendments eff 13 May 2020 [PDF]

HRA Australian Handicapping Rules eff 9 March 2020 [PDF]


Maximum Number of Starts Policy vs1 effective 1 March 2020
Minimum Nominations Policy vs1 effective 1 January 2020
Tasracing Harness Breeders Support Policy vs8 – Approved 28 March 2020 (Effective 1 September 2019) [PDF]
Abandoned or Postponed Race Meeting Policy vs3 effective 1 Oct 2019 [PDF]
Claiming Driver Concessions Policy vs3 effective 1 January 2020
Driver Series Policy vs4 effective 1 November 2018 [PDF]
Australasian Young Drivers Championships Representative vs3 effective 1 Jan 2016 [PDF]
Driving Fee – Late Scratchings vs1 effective 1 Sept 2013 [PDF]
Halwes Medal Selection Policy [PDF]
Annual Awards Policy [PDF]
Sulky Scheme Policy vs2  [PDF]
Double Seated Sulkies Policy [PDF]
Mentoring Program Policy [PDF]


Claiming Races Procedure [PDF]

Track Rules

Harness Track Rules [PDF]
Use of Joggers – Carrick & King Island [PDF]


Harness Track Rules – Appendix 1 (Incident Report) [PDF]