Social Media Policy

Tasracing engages in social media to promote the Tasmanian racing industry and communicate with our stakeholders, industry participants and wagering customers. Tasracing asks that the conversation on our social media channels be considerate of that aim and we reserve the right to exercise editorial direction should it deviate from that aim.

Following are the guiding points for our social media channels:

  1. All material on our channels must be family friendly and respectful of a diversity of opinions. Posts, comments, tweets or photos should not vilify individuals or attack them on the basis of personal characteristics such as religion or race. Offending posts, comments, tweets or photos will be removed without exception.
  2. Advertising and promotional material will be deleted.
  3. Conversation should be on topic and if it is a comment on a post or photo it should be relevant to that post or photo.
  4. The social media channels are used by the general public and as a result conversation should be of general interest. Posts and comments about specific topics within the industry should only be made if they are in reply to a post on the subject by Tasracing. Should you wish to provide feedback on a specific topic we encourage you to contact the relevant person.
  5. Tasracing will occasionally share content, posts, tweets or photos made by other organisations and individuals. This does not imply endorsement of any kind.
  6. Tasracing, on Twitter, will not automatically follow back people who follow us.
  7. Tasracing reserves the right to share content from our partners, sponsors or advertisers.
  8. Tasracing reserves the right to block access to our social media channels should someone not adhere to these guidelines. Should we do this an attempt to contact the person will be made so they can be referred to this policy. The block may or may not be removed once the policy is correctly understood. Tasracing reserves the right to make a decision based on the best information available at the time and issues are dealt with on a case by case basis.
  9. Tasracing reserves the right to protect our commercial interests.

While every attempt has been made to communicate our policy and be transparent in how we manage our social media channels we reserve the right to modify and act outside of these points if required. Social media is a relatively new and evolving medium and as a result so is this policy. This version is current as at November 2012.

Below is a list of the official Tasracing digital and social media channels. Should you discover any other channels which you believe are representing themselves as Tasracing could you please report them to the Digital Marketing Coordinator at Tasracing.

Tasracing website –
Tasmanian Summer Racing Carnival website –
Facebook –
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