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Mini Trots

Mini Trots

Current drivers and their horses

Horse Driver
Mighty Midge Oliver Coulson
Super  Sahara Ella Coulson
Flying Jasper Ryan Backhouse
Lighting Strike Jacob Duggan
Eddie Betts Makenna Hillier
Sky Valley Tamsyn Davis
SnapCracklePop Sara Wilken
Kitty Jackson Burke
Tuff Nut Mitchell Ford
Princess Pipi Grace Jones
Magpie Abby Clements
Shadow Georgie Clements
Sweet Lady Will Burt
Old Paddy Boy Lachlan Woods
Chamfer Star Brodie Davis
Bella Lauren Rattray
U Make My Day Honey Byron Woods

Race Dates


  • 13th Devonport
  • 15th Hobart
  • 22nd Launceston
  • 28th Hobart Australian Drivers Championship


  • 5th Launceston
  • 9th Devonport
  • 12th Hobart
  • 19th Launceston
  • 24th Hobart
  • 26th Carrick


  • 3rd Launceston
  • 8th Burnie
  • 10th Hobart
  • 17th Launceston Cunningham Christmas Cup
  • 22nd Hobart Christmas Cup
  • 26th Devonport Boxing Night Cup
  • 31st Carrick


  • 1st St Mary’s Cup
  • 5th Scottsdale Cup
  • 7th Hobart
  • 12th Launceston
  • 17th Bernie Mini Trot Cup
  • 21st Devonport
  • 26th New Norfolk Mini Trot Cup
  • 28th Launceston


  • 2nd Devonport
  • 4th Hobart
  • 9th Burnie
  • 11th Launceston
  • 17th Carrick Mini Trot Cup
  • 18th Hobart
  • 23rd Hobart
  • 25th Devonport Mini Trot Cup


  • 2nd Burnie
  • 4th Hobart
  • 11th Launceston
  • 16th Devonport
  • 18th Hobart
  • 23rd Hobart
  • 25th Launceston
  • 31st Launceston Cunningham Easter mini Trot Cup


  • 6th Devonport
  • 8th Hobart
  • 13th Hobart
  • 15th Launceston
  • 20th Devonport
  • 22nd Hobart
  • 29th Launceston

Mini Trots Apllication and Registration forms

Please use the form provided below to register for junior membership and to register a horse.

Visit the Mini Trots facebook page for updates and more information on Mini Trots.