Mini trots

What are Mini Trots?

Tasracing Mini Trots provides an opportunity for children between the ages of 5-17 years to learn the skills required to become accomplished horsepersons and drivers. During the program, these young drivers learn how to establish effective control when driving their ponies and how to compete in a fair and responsible manner.
During the season, Harness Academy Instructor / Mini Trot Coordinator Neville Webberly will be attending most meetings to assist in the education of these young drivers.
Driver Profiles Season 2023/24

When are the Mini Trot?

Tasracing Mini Trots season begins in October and runs through to the following April of each year, with events programmed all over the state. Education / Registration days are scheduled prior to the first race meeting to allow new drivers and ponies to meet the eligibility requirements set out in the Tasracing Mini Trot Rules and Conditions of Membership.
MINI TROT RACE DATES – Season 2023/24

How to get involved?

If you would like to become a Mini Trot member or would like some more information you can contact Tasracing, visit our Tasmanian Mini Trots Facebook Page or the Mini Trot news section of this page to stay up to date.


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Mini Trot Application and Registration forms

Mini Trots Rules and Conditions of Membership
Mini Trot Driver Application Form
Mini Trot Pony Application Form