Only an owner knows the feeling

It’s easier than you might think to join the world of ownership.

Transform a day at the races from a great day out to a memory you’ll treasure forever.

Adrenaline, pride, anticipation, VIP treatment, access all areas…. Make your life less ordinary and become a racing owner in Tasmania.

With weekly thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing across the state, you’ll soon discover the joys of racing ownership.

Thoroughbred Ownership

‘I’d been to the races before but never as an owner. The first time I went to a thoroughbred race meeting as a part-owner I knew that was it! I’d entered a world I never wanted to leave! The excitement of watching your own horse was incredible. And seeing his first win…..well I’ll remember the feeling forever! I love that horse! I take my family out to visit him in the paddock and we all love him! Plus, I’ve made friends I know I’ll have for life.’

Real Owner Experience

The island state of Tasmania offers Thoroughbred owners a unique opportunity to enjoy the feeling of participating and winning at the track. The state has three race tracks all within four hours driving time of each other and with one of Australia’s few synthetic tracks located in Devonport, Tasmania enjoys year-round thoroughbred racing no matter what the weather!

Tasmanian Trainers and Breeders

Tasmanian thoroughbred trainers and breeders are all passionate, professional and approachable. You can find them on race days at the track preparing their runners, and they’ll always make an effort to find time to talk to people interested in becoming an owner.

Tasmania’s trainers also enjoy great success with interstate racing, with wins at the highest levels of national racing against very competitive fields.

Magic Millions Sales

Tasracing is also a proud supporter of the annual Magic Millions Tasmanian sales. Held prior to the running of the Launceston Cup in February, the sales offer a chance to purchase quality Tasmanian thoroughbreds outright, or in a syndicate with others.

Horse Racing Syndicates

Please find some information and resources below regarding horse racing syndicates that may assist you.

What is a horse racing syndicate?

A horse racing syndicate is a group of people (two or more) that become part-owners in a racehorse by owning shares in the racehorse and splitting the associated costs. A horse racing syndicate can be run by an individual or by a company, and there are different types of horse racing syndicates.

Do you want to start a private small-scale horse racing syndicate with friends or associates in Tasmania?

For further information about this process, please contact the Office of Racing Integrity (ORI) in Launceston on (03) 6777 1900, or visit the ORI homepage on the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment website and complete and submit the relevant form.

Do you want to be a horse racing syndicate promoter and advertise racehorse shares for sale in a horse racing syndicate in Tasmania?

This type of horse racing syndicate will generally be considered a managed investment scheme (MIS) by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). It involves a group of people agreeing to contribute money in return for a share of prize money won by a racehorse. Operating a MIS can be a costly exercise as it is a requirement for the promoter to hold an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) prior to advertising any racehorse shares for sale. There are also other compliance requirements that must be met.

If the horse racing syndicate meets certain criteria (including having under 50 members, and the total amount raised from interests in the horse does not exceed $500,000.00) it will not be considered a MIS, and Tasracing will regulate the syndicate as a Lead Regulator approved by ASIC. Tasracing must approve any entity intending to advertise shares in a racehorse prior to any public advertising. All approved entities are registered on Tasracing’s Register of Promoters.


If you want to apply to be an approved promoter in Tasmania please complete the relevant form below and send it to Tasracing at or at PO Box 730, Glenorchy TAS 7010, or deliver it in person to the front counter on the Mezzanine Floor at Elwick Racecourse, 6 Goodwood Road, Glenorchy TAS.

Other forms are also available below for your convenience.


For further information, please see the below resources or contact Tasracing.

Australian Financial Services Licensed Promoters (Issued by ASIC)

Where to Start

Contact Tasracing for further information on how to start your involvement in Tasmanian racing as an owner.

Check out the full Tasmanian racing calendar on the website.

Harness Ownership

‘It was just after Beautide, the Tasmanian bred harness racer had become the best pacer in Australia that my friend suggested we join an owners syndicate to race a harness racer. Owning a harness racer sounds expensive and complicated – but it’s not! Since then I’ve been at the track to watch our horse win five races, and I can say that it’s a pretty special feeling. After giving him a congratulations pat in the stalls, we always head into the club and have a great time!’

Tasmanian Harness Owner Opportunities

Tasmania has a long history in harness racing. Tasmania has produced some of Australia’s best harness racers including, in recent years, dual Inter-dominion (Australia’s greatest harness race) winner Beautide.

Tasmanian harness racing is held at three primary locations around the state – Devonport, Launceston and Hobart. Hugely popular country racing is held during the summer months at various unique locations.

Getting Involved in Tasmanian Harness Racing

Harness trainers and breeders can always be seen with their horses at race meetings. A friendly, approachable bunch all harness trainers, drivers and breeders are happy to have a chat about ownership opportunities.

Tasracing also offers assistance for all new harness ownership enquiries and we are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding harness ownership in Tasmania. We can always put you in touch with trainers and breeders that suit your ownership ambitions.

Where to Start

Contact Tasracing for further information on how to start your involvement in Tasmanian racing as an owner.

Check out the full Tasmanian racing calendar on the website.

Greyhound Ownership

‘I’ve always loved greyhounds – they look fast, they are fast, but then they will curl up on your lap and have a nap any time of day! My brother and I bought our greyhound a year ago and he’s raced all over Tasmania. We get to most race meetings. He’s won several races but we love seeing him run no matter what. There’s nothing better than a night at the greyhound races as an owner – the comradery is something I’ve never found anywhere else. We love it’

The Fast and the Fabulous

Greyhound racing is affordable and easy to become involved in as an owner.

Tasmanian greyhound racing is held at three race tracks, located in Launceston, Hobart and Devonport, with trainers and breeders located across the state.

Greyhound racing is held under lights every week at both Hobart (Thursdays) and Launceston (Mondays), making for a unique and highly entertaining night out for owners!

Becoming an Owner

Before becoming a greyhound owner, you should consider how much you are willing to spend and your level of involvement with the greyhounds racing and non-racing life.  The affectionate and gentle breed can be just as happy at your home, snuggled up on a rug, as they are jumping out of box 1, winning the second last event on a chilly Hobart Thursday night.

Greyhound trainers and breeders frequent the race meetings held around the state and are more than happy to discuss ownership opportunities.

Where to Start

Contact Tasracing for further information on how to start your involvement in Tasmanian racing as an owner.

Check out the full Tasmanian racing calendar on the website.