About GAP entry

Entry process

To place your greyhound in the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP), please complete the Enter a greyhound to GAP form.

The GAP team will email you a Transfer of Ownership form, GAP Entry Requirements and History Information form and Preparing your Greyhound for GAP guide.

If you do not receive a response within three working days, please check your spam or junk folders and if the response is not there, please follow up with a phone call to the office on 0437 705 979.  (To prevent the email from reaching your spam or junk folder please add gapadmin@tasracing.com.au to your address book).

The GAP team will notify you when your greyhound is nearing the top of the wait list. Please ensure that your greyhound is desexed, has a current C5 vaccination, and all entry paperwork is complete.  The owner of the greyhound or the agent acting on behalf of the owner is responsible for the transportation of the greyhound to GAP.

Admission criteria

To enter the program, your greyhound must meet the GAP Admission Criteria:

  • Completion of the 28-day wind-down period as per LR36.4(e);
  • Desexed
  • A current C5 vaccination.

Proof of vaccination is required, and GAP defines a ‘current vaccine’ as one that is administered a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of eleven months prior to entry.

All greyhounds presented for admission to the GAP facility must have a desexing certificate, C5 vaccination certificate, up to date with flea and worm prevention treatment and accompanied by the following paperwork:

  • Transfer of Ownership form, signed by the current registered owner;
  • GAP Entry Requirements and History Information form.  No dog will be excluded due to medical conditions, a full medical history is required as part of the greyhound history form.

Wait list

There is currently a waiting list to enter GAP.

All dogs will enter GAP in accordance with their position on the wait list. Dogs cannot swap spots on the list.

Changes effective 1st of January 2024 – Greyhounds will no longer be required to be in wind down to be placed on the wait list. Once a dog is nearing retirement from its racing career it can be admitted to the waitlist. It will be the owner/person responsible for the dog’s duty to monitor the website waitlist and ensure that the 28 day wind down has been completed, desexing and any vaccination boosters along with flea and worm prevention treatment’s are completed or up to date prior to the dog reaching the top of the list. Any dog not fully ready at the time of a spot available will lose its spot and a new application will need to be submitted. The Gap team will notify you when your dog reaches the top 15 on the list.

Express Entry

Commencing 1st January 2024 Gap will trial an express entry option to encourage and reward connections who fully prepare their dogs for rehoming by offering an express entry to dogs meeting the criteria meaning they are immediately ready and available for adoption.

To be eligible the dog must

  • Meet current GAP entry requirements.
    • Completed 28 day wind down
    • Desexed
    • Current C5 vaccination
    • Listed on the GAP waitlist
    • Been fostered and complete the current GAP foster care report, dogs are required to be
          • House trained
          • Get in and out of the car unassisted.
          • Walk up and down 5 stairs
          • Walk quietly on lead
          • Been on walks outside of their residence and racetracks
          • Pass muzzle free assessment (dogs that don’t pass the assessment will be given a full report along with advice of how to work with the dog to help pass future assessments)

4 kennels will be set aside from the current Gap facility capacity to accommodate dogs that are pre fostered and meet the above criteria.

If you have a dog that is on the Gap waitlist that meets these requirements contact Gap at gapadmin@tasracing.com.au to book a muzzle free assessment.

Records will be kept to measure the success of the project. If found to be a successful project more kennels may be allocated for express entry in the future.

Application form

To apply to enter your greyhound to GAP, please fill in the Enter a greyhound to GAP form.

Contact details

If you would like further information on the Greyhound adoption program or have difficulties with the online application form, please contact the GAP office by telephone on 0437 705 979 or by email at gapadmin@tasracing.com.au.