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Launceston Saturday 21st October 2023 – LNC21102302 Free For All 2200m $12,000, transferred to
Hobart Sunday 22nd October – EHC22102307 Free For All 2090m PBD/SEX/LT$ $12,000

Launceston – Sunday 27th August 2023
LNC27082309 Discretionary 2200m $12,000, amended to 1680m MS PBD/LT$ $20,000 GOLDEN MILE

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Media Release – ‘Tasbred Selected First’ – 1 April 2021

Racing Information

PROGRAMME ABBREVIATION ‘3C‘ – 3YO Concession – ORI Handicapping Schedule
11.3 3YO Concession
If stipulated in a race a 3YO is entitled to a concession of upto eight (8) points to be deducted from its rating points no lower than the front rating of the race.

NB: The 3YO concession cannot be used in conjunction with a Driver or Mares concession.

Standing Starts – Australian Handicapping Rules
2.3 Automatic Handicap Race
A standing start race in which 5 rating points incrementally equates to 10 metres, e.g., if horses rated 50 start from the Front, 55 from 10 metres, etc.       

ORI – Harness Handicapping Schedule & Procedures
11.1.4 A Filly or Mare Concession may be used in conjunction with a Driver Concession for
rating races with a front of 55 or better, where programmed. The minimum rating
utilising a dual claim cannot be less than NR55.                

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PRIZEMONEY DISTRIBUTION – Effective 1 January 2022

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