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Harness Racer

December 2019 – March 2020 Programs

King Island – 2019/20 Programs – UPDATED 30 Dec 2019

Racing Information

Standing Starts – Australian Handicapping Rules
2.3 Automatic Handicap Race
A standing start race in which 5 rating points incrementally equates to 10 metres, e.g., if horses rated 50 start from the Front, 55 from 10 metres, etc.                             


$5k Yearling Sale Bonus conditions

TTC – Race Conditions 14 March 2020

TTC Sweepstakes Conditions 2019/20 – COMING SOON

ORI – Harness Race Fields Compilation Process (Trial Period Season 2018/19)

*Race Programming details advertised in the Harness Calendar are considered correct at the time of publishing. Please refer to for updated programs.
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Race Dates

Harness race dates 2019/20 [PDF] – Updated 17 July 2019

Feature Race Dates 2019/20 [PDF]

Harness Feature Race amendments – Updated 4th December 2019

Tri-code full year calendar 2019-2020 [PDF]

Trial Dates

Harness Trial Amendments notice – 24 July 2019

Harness Trial Dates 2019/20  – Updated 24 July 2019

Track Records

As at 24th June 2019