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Harness Calendar – May – July 2022 [PDF]
Harness Programs – May – July 2022 [PDF]

*Race Programming details advertised in the Harness Calendar are considered correct at the time of publishing. Please refer to Harness.org for updated programs.

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Media Release – ‘Tasbred Selected First’ – 1 April 2021

Racing Information

Harness Race Programming Guidelines – Updated March 2022 [PDF] – effective 1 May 2022
Harness Race Programming Guidelines – Updated July 2021 [PDF]

PROGRAMME ABBREVIATION ‘3C‘ – 3YO Concession – Australian Handicapping Rules
5.3 3YO Concession
A 3YO with a Rating greater than 50 that is nominated for an Open Age Race may at the discretion of the State Controlling Body claim a concession of up to 5 Rating Points excepting that:

(a)  the minimum Rating of the subject 3YO cannot be less than NR50. Example: A 3YO with a Rating of 53 would thus have a Rating of 50 for an Open Age Race

NB: The 3YO concession can be used in conjunction with a Driver or Mares concession where applicable.

Standing Starts – Australian Handicapping Rules
2.3 Automatic Handicap Race
A standing start race in which 5 rating points incrementally equates to 10 metres, e.g., if horses rated 50 start from the Front, 55 from 10 metres, etc.                             

Race Conditions
TTC 2YO Sweepstakes 2022/23 information and nomination form

PRIZEMONEY DISTRIBUTION – Effective 1 January 2022

Race Dates

Harness race dates 2021/22 updated 3 March 2022 [PDF]
Tri-code full year calendar 2021/22 [PDF]

Feature Events

Harness Feature Races & Conditions 2021/22 – races $15,000+ [updated – Effective 1 January 2022]
Harness Special Events & Conditions 2021/22 – races <$14,999 [updated 29 October 2021]

*Please note: An agreement was reached at the recent industry meeting to approve the 2021/22 Feature Race and Special Events Calendar however some events from January 2022 may still be reviewed with a plan on transferring them to a more appropriate date. Further to this it was agreed that the Feature Race and Special Events Calendars have a major review which will commence immediately for the 2022/23 Season.

Ongoing discussions will continue with the TTC to achieve the best result for the Industry regarding the placement of the 3YO Tasmanian Oaks and Derby.

Trial Dates

Harness Trial Dates 2021/22 Updated 29 March 2022 [PDF]
Qualifying Trials – Effective 1 January 2022 [PDF]
Qualifying Trials – updated 1 November 2021 [PDF]
Harness Raceday Trial Conditions updated [PDF]

Track Records

Harness track records: