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Harness Programs – August – October 2021 [PDF]
*Please note: Due to the Feature races scheduled throughout September and the number of race meetings no Claiming races have been programmed.

*Race Programming details advertised in the Harness Calendar are considered correct at the time of publishing. Please refer to Harness.org for updated programs.

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Media Release – ‘Tasbred Selected First’ – 1 April 2021

Racing Information

Harness Race Programming Guidelines – Updated July 2021 [PDF]

PROGRAMME ABBREVIATION ‘3C‘ – 3YO Concession – Australian Handicapping Rules
5.3 3YO Concession
A 3YO with a Rating greater than 50 that is nominated for an Open Age Race may at the discretion of the State Controlling Body claim a concession of up to 5 Rating Points excepting that:

(a)  the minimum Rating of the subject 3YO cannot be less than NR50. Example: A 3YO with a Rating of 53 would thus have a Rating of 50 for an Open Age Race

NB: The 3YO concession can be used in conjunction with a Driver or Mares concession where applicable.

Standing Starts – Australian Handicapping Rules
2.3 Automatic Handicap Race
A standing start race in which 5 rating points incrementally equates to 10 metres, e.g., if horses rated 50 start from the Front, 55 from 10 metres, etc.                             

Race Conditions
TTC 2YO Sweepstakes 2020/21 information and nominations
Block nomination conditions – TTC Friday, 10th September 2021

Race Dates

Harness race dates 2021/22 [PDF]
Harness race dates 2020/21 [PDF] – updated 5 October 2020
Tri-code full year calendar 2021/22 [PDF]
Tri-code full year calendar 2020/21 [PDF]

Feature Events

Harness Feature Races & Conditions 2021/22 – races $15,000+
Harness Special Events & Conditions 2021/22 – races <$14,999

*Please note: An agreement was reached at the recent industry meeting to approve the 2021/22 Feature Race and Special Events Calendar however some events from January 2022 may still be reviewed with a plan on transferring them to a more appropriate date. Further to this it was agreed that the Feature Race and Special Events Calendars have a major review which will commence immediately for the 2022/23 Season.

Ongoing discussions will continue with the TTC to achieve the best result for the Industry regarding the placement of the 3YO Tasmanian Oaks and Derby.

Harness Feature Race Calendar 2020/21 – Jan – July 2021

Trial Dates

Harness Trial Dates 2021/22 [PDF]
Harness Trial Dates 2020/21 – October 2020 – July 2021 – UPDATED 8 April [PDF]
Qualifying Trials – updated 21 September 2020
Harness Raceday Trial Conditions updated [PDF]

Track Records

Harness track records: