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Responsible Wagering

Tasracing’s commitment to promoting responsible wagering

Tasracing recognises that while the vast majority of people who gamble do so for enjoyment and entertainment, there are some people for whom this form of entertainment has become a problem, causing them personal and financial distress.

This website provides a discreet means of finding out more.  Please explore the links and resources provided below.


What is Responsible Gambling?

Responsible gambling occurs in an environment where people make informed and rational decisions about their participation in gambling, based on their own individual circumstances. Responsible gambling occurs as a result of the collective actions and shared responsibility of individuals, communities, the gambling industry and the Government, to achieve outcomes that are socially responsible and responsive to community concerns.


What if I love to have a bet?

Most Australians enjoy a bet but some people may have a problem controlling their gambling. This can often involve spending too long in betting venues, or being constantly short of money, or using money not meant to be used for gambling. Follow these four easy steps to make sure your gambling stays in control:

– Set yourself time and money limits and stick to them
– Take frequent breaks
– Don’t chase your losses – walk away
– Only spend what you can afford on gambling

And remember, gamble for the fun of it – not for the money. If is stops being fun… stop.


How can I tell if I have a problem?

Whilst the list below is not exhaustive, it includes some of the common signs that indicate a possible problem. These signs fall into three main groups* – typical problem gambling behaviour, risk behaviour, and hazardous thinking.


Typical problem gambling behaviour

Gambling may be a problem if you are:

– Spending more money and time on gambling than intended
– Hiding your gambling from other people
– Borrowing money to pay for living expenses – e.g. phone bill, gas bill, groceries, petrol
– Losing interest in other activities (except for gambling)
– Finding work or your role as a parent is affected
– Starting to lie about your gambling
– Not going to work or not home as often


Risk Behaviour

People with gambling problems typically engage in a variety of risky behaviours such as:

– Spending more money than intended or could afford to spend
– Regularly spending more time gambling than they meant to
– Building opportunities to gamble into daily routines
– Chasing their losses, and
– Borrowing money to gamble or obtaining money in unethical or illegal ways


Hazardous Thinking

People with gambling problems typically hold thoughts or beliefs that support their behaviour, including:

– Beliefs about fated luck
– Superstitions related to winning
– Illusions of control
– Misunderstandings about the nature of probability and randomness.

*Content courtesy of – A Victorian Government initiative funded through the Community Support Fund.

Think! About your choices Call Gambling Help 1800 858 858.

Need Help?

Support Groups and Counselling

A range of counselling services are available in your state to provide assistance with gaming-related issues. Many counselling services are free or government-subsidised.

Call the national 24 hour Gambler’s Helpline on 1800 858 858 to ask about counselling services in your area.

Third Party Exclusion Process – TOTE Tasmania Customers

An individual with a close personal interest in the welfare of a TOTE Tasmania customer, whom they believe may have a problem with gambling, can apply to the Tasmanian Gaming Commission for an order to prevent that customer from gambling with The TOTE and other gambling operators. Before granting such an order, the Commission will consider the application, along with any advice provided by the affected customer. The TOTE is provided with a copy of any orders granted and is required to suspend the account. Third party exclusions are available for both account and cash customers. Please contact the Tasmanian Gaming Commission on (03) 6233 2475 (Hobart) or (03) 6336 2261 (Launceston) if you require any further information.

Government Brochures and information


Information on how to seek help with your gambling is available through the Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation. Click here to view the website.

The Queensland Responsible Gambling Strategy provides the framework for the Queensland Government to develop and deliver responsible gambling initiatives in a planned and coordinated manner. The Strategy is supported by the voluntary Queensland Responsible Gambling Code of Practice which provides a proactive whole-of-industry approach to the promotion of responsible gambling practices.

Click here to view the Code.

New South Wales

Information on how to seek help with your gambling is available through Gambling Help NSW, supported by the Department of Trade and Investment. Click here to view the website.

The NSW Government has also developed a Player Information brochure and a Counselling Signage poster for display in retail outlets and here online to provide consumers with odds information and the contact details for counselling services, should they be experiencing problems with gambling. The Counselling Signage poster is the ‘Think! About Your Choices’ poster. Click here to view the poster. The NSW Government Player Information brochure is the ‘Info about the odds’ brochure. Click here to view the brochure

Australian Capital Territory

Information on how to seek help with your gambling is available through the ACT Gambling and Racing Commission.Click here to view the website.

The ACT Commission also have a number of consumer information brochures about responsible gambling.

All gambling providers in the ACT are covered by a Responsible Gambling Code of Practice. The Code is formally known as the Gambling and Racing Control (Code of Practice) Regulation 2002. The Code is a regulation pursuant to section 18 of the Gambling and Racing Control Act 1999 and is regulated by the ACT Gambling and Racing Commission. Click here to view the ACT Gambling and Racing Control (Code of Practice) Regulation 2002


Information on how to seek help with your gambling is available through the Victorian Resonsible Gambling Foundation. Click here to view the website.

The Foundation has developed a number of resources and brochures to assist with gambling, including a ‘Concerned about your Gambling’ quiz, ‘Gambler’s Help’ brochure, ‘I can control my gambling’ brochure and a financial and legal protection brochure. Click here to view these resources.

It is a requirement under the Gambling Regulation Act 2003 for certain gambling providers in Victoria to have a Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct. Click here to view the Tatts Lotteries Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct.


Information of how to seek help with your gambling is available through the Department of Health and Human Services.Click here to view the website.

The Department runs a Gambling Support Program which provides a public health response to the risks and harms of gambling, through community education, community grants, provision of services for people affected by gambling, policy development and research. The Program runs a ‘Know Your Odds’ campaign. Click here to view information about the campaigns.

All gambling providers in Tasmania are covered by the Responsible Gambling Mandatory Code of Practice for Tasmania. The Code has been developed by the Tasmanian Government to minimise harm from gambling in the Tasmanian community. Click here to view the Code.

South Australia

Information on how to seek help with your gambling is available through the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion. Click here to view the problem gambling website.

SA TAB and SA Lotteries operations are governed by a Responsible Gambling Code of Practice.

Click here to view the SA Gambling Codes of Practice(2013)

– Download SA Lotteries Gamble Responsibly Brochure

– Download SA Wagering Mission Statement sign

– Download SATAB Wagering Brochure(A4)

– Download SATAB Wagering Poster(A3)

– Download SA Wagering Stickers & Gambling Helpcard

– Download SA Lotteries Responsible Gambling Poster

– Download SA Lotteries Responsible Gambling Counter Card

– Download SA Responsible Gambling Helpline Sticker

– Download SA Responsible Gambling Helpline Business Card

– Download SATAB Problem Gambling Help Services List

Know when to stop. Don’t go over the top. Gamble responsibly.


Northern Territory

Information on how to seek help with your gambling is provided through Gambling Help Online, funded by the Northern Territory Government. Click here to view the website.

The voluntary Northern Territory Code of Practice for Responsible Gambling has been designed to promote the adoption of best practice in the provision of responsible gambling by Northern Territory gaming operators. Click here to view the Code.