Harness Racing Update – 25 September 2015

Friday 25 September 2015

Additional Race – Launceston 4 October 2015

A C3 and Better standing start has been added to the race program at Launceston on Sunday 4 October. Details are:

LNC04101510 – (SS) of $7,000 (CP). C3 Or Better. RBD. 2200 metres.

A claiming race is not listed for this meeting, therefore claimers are eligible, under claiming rules, for the race and the C4/C5 and C6/C7 races at this meeting.

2015/2016 Race Date Changes

Last week, the Tasracing Board approved race date changes for both the harness and thoroughbreds codes.

The changes were required after the Minister approved a reduction of $3M across the three codes of racing between 1 October 2015 and 30 September 2016.

The harness changes are;

Delete DHRC Friday night 23 October 2015
Delete DHRC Monday night 14 December 2015
Transfer DHRC Friday twilight 19 February 2016 at Tapeta Park Spreyton to DHRC Friday night 19 February 2016 at Devonport Showgrounds.
NNPC@TPC on Monday night 7 March 2016 to be changed to a TPC meeting.
Transfer LPC Friday night 18 March 2016 to DHRC Friday night 18 March 2016.
Delete TPC Monday night 9 May 2016.
Delete TPC Monday night 30 May 2016.
The harness race dates can be viewed at https://tasracing.com.au/harness/harness-race-dates/

2015/2016 Feature Race Changes

Tasracing has approved the following changes to feature races:

Hobart Pacing Cup – $8,000 heats at TPC on 6/12/2015 and 20/12/2015 and $20,000 final at TPC on 3/01/2016.
Eric Reece Memorial – $7,000 heats at TPC on 20/12/2015 and $10,000 final plus $8,000 consolation at TPC on 3/01/2016.
Westbury Cup – $8,000 race at Carrick on 27/12/2015.
Harry Holgate Memorial – $7,000 heats at LPC on 29/04/16 and $8,000 final at LPC on 8/05/2016.
Keith Stanley Debutante – $10,000 race at Launceston on 15/01/2016.
The feature race dates can be viewed at https://tasracing.com.au/harness/harness-race-dates/