Brooker Highway/ UBET Park Roadwork Update

Wednesday 9 March 2016

Construction works on the Brooker Highway have commenced which has and will continue to cause changes at the Brooker highway/ Goodwood Road Intersection. As a result there will be changed traffic conditions both in and out of UBET Park, as well as within the UBET Park for the next few months.

Industry participants and patrons should be aware that the entry, exit and internal road structure are now within a construction zone. Thus extreme care should  be taken by all visiting the venue until the completion of works, stated to be Mid 2017.

One significant change will take place from March 15 that being the entrance to the site (adjacent to the Brooker Hwy-Goodwood Road intersection) will be closed and will not reopen.

Access to the venue from March 15 will be via the existing exit road adjacent to the ticket box.

Please note that this will become the entrance and exit for the venue with the relevant line marking and signage changes to be in place by the close of business on Friday (March 11, 2016).

We would ask anyone entering the venue during the construction period to exercise extreme caution and look for road signs indicating changed conditions.

The speed limit will be 15 Km per hour.