Wednesday 18 January 2017

The programming of races on a monthly basis is continuing and the February programmes have now been finalised and approved.

The distance series for February has been scheduled at Hobart with two 599 heats on 23 February and a 709 metre final 2 March 2017.

Trainers are reminded that qualifying trials over the sprint distance will continue to be programmed at one track each week for 4/5 and 5/6 grades on a rotating basis.

The non-penalty reverse order of choice races are attracting mixed support.  Trainers are reminded that these one off races for choice 9, 11, & 12 greyhounds only.  The conduct of two of these races is required each week (one at Hobart and one at Launceston) to meet our budget.   The funding for additional races has been withheld to fund a tenth race if nominations are not sufficient to conduct the non-penalty race with three races having to be funded to date.

To provide Trainers an indication on the number of races that will be conducted if sufficient nominations are received, the number of races will be shown in the forthcoming programmes.

If there are insufficient nominations to schedule the races programmed, then other races, with a preference to nominations over the sprint distance, will be scheduled.  However, if there are sufficient nominations received to conduct the 10 races called for then no consideration will be given to any nominations for other events.

The process for the division of races, which was announced previously as being effective from 1 February 2017 has been put back due to delays with the programming of the OzChase system and is now not expected until after 1 March 2017.  A more definite date will be announced when it is available.

The changes to the programming are still being developed and evolving and will take some time to fine tune to ensure the system is functional in providing opportunities for all greyhounds.  Trainers are encouraged to provide comments and/or suggestions for improvement to their GRG members to assist in this fine tuning process.