Greyhounds programming update

Thursday 10 August 2017

There has been a change to the Grading and Programming Sub Committee.  The committee will now comprise representatives from Tasracing and the Office of Racing Integrity and one representative from each Club and GOTBAT and the new committee will be known as the Programming Sub Committee.

The recommendations from the Committee are now considered for implementation without having to wait until the next Greyhound Reference Group meeting, which it is believed will streamline the approval process.

The following changes have been implemented effective from 1 September 2017:

1. Reverse Order of Choice Races will no longer be conducted except for Masters Races.

2. Qualifying Trials at Hobart will be conducted over both the Sprint and Short Sprint distances with Short Sprint being conducted every third rotation. At Launceston they will continue to be over the Short Sprint distance only.  Where possible qualifying trials over the Short Sprint will be scheduled when a Grade 5 over the Short Sprint is programmed.

3. Eligibility for Qualifying Trials over the Short Sprint distance has been amended so that greyhounds Choice 7 or worse or balloted from the meeting will now be eligible. The eligibility for Sprint Qualifying Trials remains unaltered as Choice 9 or worse or balloted from the race meeting.

4. Trainers will no longer be able to stipulate “No Higher” except when nominating for a Maiden event. This will enable the scheduling of races to be determined from the nominations received.  This has been introduced for a trial period of 3 months initially and will be reviewed at the end of October, so if you have any feedback, positive or negative, to the change please provide your comments in writing to Tasracing prior to the end of October.

5. Grade 5 races over the Sprint and Short Sprint will now require two separate reserves for each race conducted. With more Grade 5 races being conducted this will ensure maximum starters for these races.

6. A Mixed Maiden/Grade 6 race has been included in the list of races to be conducted if the races called for in the forthcoming programmes are not filled. The races to provide 10 races on the program will be scheduled in the following order:

  • An additional mid-distance race (for the grade called for)
  • Mixed Grades 1 & 2 (sprint)
  • Grade 3 (sprint)
  • Invitation or Mixed Grade 2 & 3 (sprint)
  • Grade 6 – sprint
  • Mid Distance Race
  • Grade 4 – sprint
  • Mixed Grades 3 & 4 (sprint)
  • Mixed Maiden/Grade 6 (sprint)
  • Grade 5 – Sprint
  • Mixed Grades 4 & 5 (sprint)
  • Short Sprint Races

The programming of a Mixed Maiden/Grade 6 race in the above list is subject to there being five or more eligible Grade 6 nominations. The race will be selected on the Order of Choice from those greyhounds nominated for a Grade 6 race and any Maiden greyhounds nominated for an event over the sprint distance (excluding any Maidens nominated “No Higher”) which have not obtained a start in another race.

7. A Free-to-All Mid Distance race will be scheduled once per month rotating between each track.

The division of races by number of wins for Grade 4 and 5 graded events is still under development.

The programming of races will be prepared three months in advance to assist trainers to identify racing schedules for their greyhounds and the September, October and November programmes have now been finalised and approved and are available on our website.

The programming will continue to undergo review and development and Trainers are encouraged to provide comments and/or suggestions for improvement to their Club or GOTBAT to assist in this development process.