Tasmanian Trotters Buy and Sell Group

Thursday 29 March 2018

TASRACING has developed a buy and sell Facebook page that is designed to secure names of people who are interested in buying into the concept.

The Facebook buy and sell group is aimed at promoting the growth of trotting racing in Tasmania.  To join the buy and sell group, visit the Facebook page here: Tasmanian Trotters Buy and Sell.

Tasracing will assist in promoting interstate sales and will regularly post opportunities to purchase horses from around the country and any approved user can post a runner for sale.

Trotting trials have been programmed to start in Tasmania in early May with the first race scheduled for July 2018.

Tasracing’s implementation plan will see the first trial on May 5 with the first race scheduled for July 1 2018, with the export of the trotting product already locked in to be distributed to international jurisdictions.

For more information on Trotting in Tasmania, including the cycle of races and prize money schedule visit the Tasracing Trotting in Tasmania page.