Harness Program Amendment – Hobart 29 August 2018

Monday 13 August 2018

Following the restricted meeting at Launceston on 8 August 2018 where the race conditions and field select was conducted on the nominations received, Tasracing has amended the races and conditions for the meeting on 29 August 2018.

The amendments are:

  • Eligibility for nominations on all races – horses must not have won more than $3000 in their last 3 starts
  • EHC29081801 – class is amended to 3R0 to R10
  • If a driver concession claim is sought, horses must be nominated with Concession Claim selected which will be granted if the final race conditions permit.
  • Mares concessions will be utilised if the final race conditions permit.
  • No extended nominations will be applied to this meeting.
  • A minimum of 6 races will be required to be programmed for the meeting to proceed.
  • All race conditions will be framed and fields selected on nominations received.


These changes will enable Trainers to consider the suitability of their horses for the races offered and allow them to manage concessions for mares and novice drivers accordingly.