Breeder Classic conditions amended

Thursday 17 October 2019

Due to the way the heats of the Breeders Classics are conducted – four heats run straight after each other – Tasracing acknowledges that some greyhounds may be impaired by being in the second, third or last heat in each group as they may not be suited to what basically is a stir-up when the other heats in that group are conducted.

Following a recommendation from the Programming Sub Committee, Tasracing has negotiated with the stewards the option for trainers to request to be in the first race of each group of four heats for the Breeders Classic series.

The request is subject to the Steward’s approval and must be lodged in writing with the Office of Racing Integrity by 4pm on the day prior to the closing of nominations for the heats. The second condition of the request is that, if granted, the greyhound shall not be permitted to participate in a stir-up in either in the semi-final or the final of the series.

Every effort will be made to accommodate the requests approved to be in the first race of each group of heats, however should there be more approved requests than the number of greyhounds in the fields for the first race of each group of heats, then a greyhound may be placed in the second race of a group and then in the third race in a group until all requests are catered for. In this case a random draw shall be conducted from all the requests to determine which greyhounds are placed in the first heats and then the second heats and then the third heats (as required).

This provision will form part of the conditions of each of the Breeders Classic Series going forward.