Hobart club doing its bit for bushfire ravaged greyhound families

Sunday 23 February 2020

THE Hobart Greyhound Racing Club has put its weight behind a special bushfire fundraising project that will benefit families in two states.

Greyhound racing participants are a tight bunch and while the two families set to benefit from the fundraiser are from South Australia and New South Wales, the Hobart club wants to play its part in helping those who have had their lives devastated by fire.

The HGRC will donate all profits from this Thursday night’s meeting, which includes gate takings, bar and meal commissions and a major raffle.

The recipients will be Terry Duncan from Casino in NSW and Graham Smith from Woodside in South Australia.

The Duncan family’s property, about a 20-minute drive south of Casino, was ravaged by fire and when it hit their property. they were trapped in their home but managed to escape and then had to watch as their home was reduced to ashes.

Duncan has been involved in greyhound racing for a long time and his family is now setting about trying to rebuild their lives.

Smith said the Adelaide Hills fires have decimated the lives of many families in the region.

“The whole mountain was burnt but we managed to get all our dogs out before the fires ripped through our property,” Smith said,

“We have good friends who have helped out and that’s what greyhound racing people do.

“We’ll get through this ordeal and I’m positive that we can get back to doing what we love.”

Smith, 70, was insured but it is the day-to-day living expenses that are needed to keep the family afloat.

It is a similar situation for the Duncan family in NSW.

The HGRC is also looking for donations from the corporate sector for raffle prizes.

HGRC committee person Claire Barker said the meeting will be all about fundraising for the two families.

“I know the families we are raising money for are not Tasmanians, but we need to get behind everyone around Australia who have been so badly affected by bushfires,” Barker said.

“There have been national appeals to raise funds for all those who have had their lives decimated by bushfires, but we felt we needed to have something specifically for the greyhound people who have been affected by the fires.

“All moneys raised will go directly to the two families.”