Changes to greyhound trial and race meeting requirements

Saturday 27 June 2020

Following the announcement on the easing of restrictions from midday on Friday 26 June 2020, participants are advised of the following amendments to the Covid-19 policies in respect to race meeting and trial sessions:

Race Meetings

All race meetings can now be attended by members of the public without the requirement that the members of the public and the participants and staff must be segregated.

From Tuesday 30 June 2020, temperature testing will not be undertaken and while a security guard will be monitoring attendee numbers, there will be no entry requirements at race meetings.

At the LGRC meeting on Monday night 29 June 2020 temperature testing of all attendees will be in place.   On entry you will be asked to provide your name and have your temperature taken.  This will apply to all persons entering the venue.

After races, trials can now be conducted.

Track Marshalls will be roaming the venue to ensure social distancing requirements are being adhered to.

Kenneling process will revert to pre Covid-19 procedures except that participants must use hand sanitizer (or gloves) before putting their greyhound in the cage on the weighing scales to avoid contact contamination and social distancing of 1.5 metres and venue density distancing of 1 person per 2 square metres must be adhered to.

Trial Sessions:

Attendance approval for staff and participants will no longer be required from Monday 29 June 2020.

There will be no restrictions on admission to trials.

A Track Marshall will be roaming the venue to ensure social distancing requirements are being adhered to.

All trial sessions will be arranged, conducted and supervised by the club operating at the venue. The process for the conduct of trial sessions (including the requirement to book sessions) will be the responsibility of the club, so please check with the club as to their requirements.

It is still recommended that all persons download the Covid-19 app or maintain a travel log for traceability should it be needed.

While restrictions have been relaxed for both race meetings and trials, all persons must ensure they continue to comply with the venue density distancing requirement of 1 person per two square metres and social distancing of a minimum of 1.5 metres or the venue signage posted.

The updated policies will be available shortly.